Straight Talk Lte Sim Swap Trick On Iphone 5s For Data & Mms On Ios 7 (No Jailbreak) t-Mobile

This is Henry and Compu Cabbie, and we have an article on how to swap SIM cards for Straight Talk on your iPhone so you can get data and MMS without jailbreaking.

Now we’ve got a new version of the iPhone 5s, Verizon, which was unlocked when it came out of the factory, so you can use it on any GSM network. It runs the latest version of iOS 7. Now that’s what you need. Obviously you need an iPhone. Any iPhone can use it. I’ll show you how it works with the iPhon. E 5S is used together.

You also need a T-mobile SIM card. You bought $10 on Target. You need a SIM pop-up tool or a paper clip. Now the little SIM card I got is a prepaid card. Now the card is valid on the account, but it doesn’t have to do what we need to do.

That’s what I particularly recommend. If this SIM card is active, I’ll turn off iMessage and FaceTime. Sometimes when you exchange SIM cards, iMessage for FaceTime takes up the SIM card number and registers it. It’s a painful ass repair, so I’ll do it first.

Next click on your Straight Talk SIM card in the T-Mobile SIM card and pop up. Now you’ll see the cellular operator show you can now access the cellular data network. It allows you to change the APN settings. Now I’ll wait a moment to lock T-Mobile in here, so it’s searching. We have three bars and 4G.

Now all I have to do is open something like a calculator, and then we’re going to replace the SIM, so we’re going to take out T-Mobile and put Straight Talk back, and now we’re going to wait for it to lock in some services, which may take a while, and sometimes it pops up with no services.

I also have the latest SIM card, which now provides LTE data, settings that are slightly different from what we’re used to, so now it says there’s no service, and what I’m going to do is power the cycle or make it sleep and wake it up, it should search again, we’re going to search now, it should lock.

So we’re going to wait for it to lock. We have three Gs. Now we’re going to double-click and return to your APN settings, which should still be running. Now we can edit the settings. Straight Talk’s new Sims have new settings. Now this is the settings you want to use for MMS – TF dotnet to get rid of it as a proxy.

It’s MMS 3 tracfone com, the message size remains unchanged, now what we want to change is TF data, and then all I have to do is copy it, it has a tendency to switch back to the phone, now if you see it, change the phone back, let’s paste it back.

Everything’s fine, hit back, you should be fine, so we have MMS work and data work, the iPhone 5S runs the latest version, now let’s try to go somewhere, let’s go to ESPN, so data is work, you can see we’re not using Wi-Fi, it’s 4G, so let’s try to see a message.

Let’s take a picture and we’ll send this MMS. Now it’s green, so that means it doesn’t use it as iMessage, it works there, you know how to use the iPhone 5S SIM switching technique on iOS to ensure work. If you like this article, if it can help you, please leave a comment below Discuss or ask questions and subscribe to channels for more articles.