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Can I use my Straight Talk iPhone 5S and another wireless service?

This is Bob Thompson’s question about smartphones. Today I want to talk about whether you can use your straight talk iPhone for different wireless companies. I get this question from time to time. Recently I have an audience Lauren comment asking if he can bring his Straight Talk iPhone 5S to all wireless, and what else Other services can use his straight talk iPhone 5S.

It’s a good question. I didn’t give you a definite answer, but I’ll tell you something you should check. First, wireless always uses a Verizon network, which is similar to any wireless operator using a Verizon network, and you need to check whether your phone can be activated or registered on its network.

So I always have wireless com here. If we click on the store, then click on the phone and scroll down a bit, you’ll see it says verify that your phone is in line with our program, so we’ll click on check compatibility, and now you’ll see that they want you to enter the serial number or meid of your phone, and you can call an asterisk. It’s a very long number. It’ll be printed on the screen. Be sure to answer it carefully.

I’m going to enter my iPhone 6S meid, and now I’m going to enter my zip code, click on Compatibility Check, and you’ll see that it congratulates you on having your device compatible with all wireless, so I can continue to use the total wireless activation service at this point.

Now let me show you a second example, this is my iPhone SC meid, and now you’ll see a message congratulating you on your phone compatibility, but this time they told me that I needed to contact the customer service to get the phone registered in the database and activated.

I don’t know why, maybe because the phone is currently registered on Straight Talk wireless, so they need to move by themselves. Now let me show you again. This is the phone, incompatibility, please click to check compatibility, and you’ll find that it says unfortunately your phone is not qualified for us to take your own hands with us. The computer program, which is now in the phone’s memory, has checked my iPhone 6 and is currently registered with Verizon Wireless Prepaid.

So I’m not sure why it doesn’t qualify, so you should check your phone first. Now you have Straight Talk iPhone 5s, and if you look at it I’d like to talk a little bit about the iPhone 5s, which is currently on the Straight Talk website, it says activation requires a service plan card.

Now you can see that the phone is 14999, and when they first started selling Straight Talk iPhone 5s, the discount was $199 or $149. There’s been different news on the site, let me tell you, so it’s from reviews.
Unfortunately, I don’t have this screenshot right now, but in June, the site said the iPhone 5S could be activated over Straight Talk wireless, but now you might find that you can only use your iPhone 5S on straight talk, and if they sell you at a discount, they might limit the phone or protect it. Mobile phone, so it can only be activated through straight talk.

If you’re interested in using prepaid wireless carriers with 18 T-networks, you may have other options. Now your phone may be unlocked, the easiest way is to find someone else using the iPhone on AT&T; or move and borrow their nano-SIM cards and put their nano-SIM cards on the phone. Look See if it works.

If so, you should be able to activate the SIM card on different prepaid wireless services, put the SIM card into your through iPhone, and you can now set it. If for some reason the SIM card doesn’t work, it may be locked because the phone is already locked, and your last choice is to scroll directly down to the site Scroll down to the bottom, and you will see that they have clicked on the bottom unlocking policy, clicking on it.

Then you can find out if Straight Talk will unlock your phone. If you click on this link unlock policy, it will tell you that you must have the phone running on the tracfone service for no less than 12 months. When it says tracfone, it means any tracfone brand, such as Straight Talk net10.

So, I’m going to look at these three options, go to the total wireless com, check your meid to see if your phone is compatible, and if so, you should be able to register, if not, and if you’re interested in using AT&T’s prepaid wireless service, or mobile networks, try borrowing nano SIM cards to see if your phone is compatible. Normal work.

If so, you should be able to activate SIM cards on the different services and put them into your Straight Talk iPhone 5S. Finally, if all the other options are exhausted, visit Direct com and see the unlocking policy. If you encounter terms and conditions, Straight Talk should unlock your phone, and you might To bring it to another wireless operator.

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